What is Spa de la Paz?

Asheville Spa de la Paz 2014Spa de la Paz is how I offer Reiki, Sound Massage, and Meditation to facilitate Stress Reduction & Deep Relaxation. Metal bowls are placed on your body (you are completely dressed) and lightly struck to send relaxing sound waves throughout your entire body. It’s an amazing experience! I also offer Reiki and meditation with or without the bowls and sound concerts for groups. I am certified in the Peter Hess Sound Massage Modality and a Reiki Master. In a typical session I use sound with various instruments, Reiki, crystals, and therapeutic grade essential oils to create a relaxing and healing experience.

Visit Spa de la Paz on Facebook. Check it out and see what clients are saying about the state of relaxation they easily achieve through a Reiki and/or Sound Massage experience.

And oh by the way, this is Paz: IMG_3038 He’s posing with his psychic portrait painted by Maryanne Pompano. She calls him a crystallographer and I call him my African Village dog, a.k.a., shaman!

For information on learning the Peter Hess method of sound massage or to purchase therapeutic quality singing bowls, contact Ginger Marcus of Holistic Dynamic. (Tell her I sent you!) Ginger is a certified Peter Hess Sound Massage Instructor and offers Sound Massage and other services in Upper Marlboro, MD.


2 Responses to What is Spa de la Paz?

  1. LuAnn Arena says:

    Kate I would like to talk to you about a sound meditation project I am putting together. You were recommended by a friend who has been to your sessions. I don’t use Facebook. (:

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